Partner with City Plug in the Newark, New Jersey Area

Thank you for your interest in partnering with City Plug. We are now accepting new partnerships for the Spring of 2019 for the following programs: City Plug School, City Plug Community, City Plug Small Business, and City Plug Early Childhood Partnerships.


To apply, please follow the steps outlined below. 

1. Speak to a member of our team

City Plug goal is to connect your community members to a world of opportunity by addressing the three components of the digital divide: internet skills training, hardware, and access to reliable internet. Our team can answer any questions you might have about bringing City Plug to your organization. Complete this form to set up a conversation. We will be in touch with you before the start of 2019.

2. Identify your TGH trainers

Identify at least one staff member from your organization who can run the 15-hour City Plug training. We recommend two trainers per City Plug course. These trainers need not be computer experts but should be comfortable using the internet, particularly tools such as email, Google Docs, and search engines. City Plug Trainers help participants learn about and sign up for low cost Internet through and handle administrative duties related to the course including tracking attendance and collecting participant forms. Most importantly, they should be welcoming, patient, and passionate about helping folks learn life-changing skills!

3. Complete a site application online

Once you have spoken with our team, City Plug will email you an application to become a new partner site for you to complete. Please note, we have limited funding for each program and interest is increasing rapidly, so the sooner you apply, the better. Completing an application does not guarantee approval.

4. Receive approval to offer a City Plug course at your site

Once an application is received, someone from City Plug will contact you about your site. If you’re not approved for the upcoming program season, we may be able to approve your site at a future time.

5. Trainer(s) complete the “train the trainer” session with our staff

After your site has been approved, potential trainers will be asked to complete a trainer application. Our team will contact qualified trainers to register for a half day training session. Once your trainer(s) complete their training with us, they will be ready to schedule and plan their City Plug course!

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