Founded in 2018, City Plug helps bring computers, Internet, and training to those without, so students can do homework, adults can find jobs, and seniors can connect with loved ones.

SINCE 2018

Americans have witnessed the staggering adoption of technology in nearly every facet of their lives. Computers, the Internet, and mobile technology have fundamentally transformed how most Americans live, learn, earn, work, and play. Being connected to the Internet has become an essential extension to our families, our schools, and our places of employment. In the US today, there are more wireless phone subscriptions than there are people and nearly 75% of teens ages 12-17 own a cell phone. While one could easily assume that mobile and “home-based computer access” to the Internet has become universal, the stubborn fact remains that an estimated 100 million Americans have no access to a computer and Internet at home. Furthermore, as outlined in key municipal studies in NYC, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles, many of America’s citizens living on the “wrong side” of the digital divide reside in US cities where 40% of those earning $34,000 or below don’t have Internet access. 

Young People - Meeting With Computers


is focused on tackling the entrenched barriers to technology adoption and Internet access in Boston and across the US. Our school, community, small business, and early childhood initiatives provide an impactful and cost-effective model to help families and participants gain access to the skills, hardware, and Internet access needed for 21st century success.

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